CHARLEENE O’CONNOR MAT Specialist / Master Trainer

IMG_2118Charleene O’Connor is a valued member of our Nimble Fitness team. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and is certified as a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist. Charleene is also a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 Golf Fitness Trainer, CHEK Level II Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Egoscue Affiliate Postural Alignment Specialist.

A former Division I Collegiate soccer player, Charleene has always been involved in athletics. She studied Physical Therapy and started her career as a personal trainer and health practitioner while on a work-study program in College. Charleene spent 5 years working for Reebok Sports Club NY and was in charge of running the fitness department for The Sports Club LA, Rockefeller Center. She eventually made her way to Florida and the prestigious Old Palm Golf Club, where she used her MAT technique to get professional golfers functioning at their highest level. Two such players were Venus and Serna Williams! Before coming back to New York, Charleene spent time in California, where she was instrumental in opening the first fitness facility at the Los Angeles Country Club.

“There was a scary and confusing moment in my life when I suffered a mysterious injury, which left me unable to walk. Eventually, and after multiple surgeries, I was able to walk again but not without serious pain. Being an athlete most of my life, this was beyond frustrating and left me devastated. Then one day I crossed paths with an MAT practitioner who offered to work on me. The techniques that he used proved to be so profound that it changed the course of my physical well-being. I could finally walk without pain! This is what got me started on my own personal journey to becoming an MAT practitioner. It’s what drives my dedication to helping others look and feel better by working to identify and eliminate their physical imbalances.”

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