ALI MCRAE, Personal Trainer

Ali McRae has been in the fitness and wellness industry for much of her life! Growing up as a dancer, gymnast and springboard diver, Ali was always moving. She discovered through her younger years that movement wasn’t just fun and competitive, but also a healing and expressive tool for her. After earning a BA in Dance Choreography and Performance, she fell in love with yoga and became a certified Vinyasa instructor in 2015. Ali joined the Nimble Fitness training team in 2019 as a NASM certified Personal Trainer and holds a TRX Functional Training certification. Since then, Ali has earned her certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and is currently in training to become a Mind-Body-Spirit Coach. Nimble’s unique philosophy is one that Ali truly believes in and is honored to share with her clients. Sharing knowledge with others in order to transform their minds and bodies in a positive, sustainable way is what drives her to continue growing as a trainer each day!