Antonio headToday is my last day at Nimble Fitness.  It has been an amazing 8 years, but an opportunity recently presented itself that I just could not pass up.  You see, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had aspirations of being an entrepreneur and of making my mark on the world through fitness.  I never really knew exactly how I was going to achieve this—that is, until I began my journey at Nimble Fitness.  Having been an integral part of such an amazing company taught me a lot about what it means to really change people’s lives.  It was also through the love and support of two incredible friends, Daniel Lucas and Keith Paine, that I learned to let go of my fears and believe in myself.  So when a childhood buddy asked me to partner with him on a new fitness venture, I knew I was ready.  And so it is with both excitement and sadness that I say goodbye.

Thank you for reading our newsletters and for making my experience at Nimble Fitness so rewarding.  I hope the information I have shared with you over the years has been helpful and inspiring.  I believe that it is within all of us to do more than we think is possible.  Live your dreams and let nothing hold you back.

Wishing you a successful and healthy future,
Antonio Sini