by Antonio Sini

There is no better time than the New Year to create a new approach to getting yourself healthy. A New Year’s solution—instead of a resolution–means creating long-term success, by taking action and beginning the process of improving your health.

We’ve all experienced short-term motivation. Many of us start the New Year with negative feedback, and then react by setting unrealistic goals. We say: “I ate too much” or “I’ve been lazy” or “I feel out of shape,” and then we say “I’m going to join the gym and lose 20 lbs by February!” This New Year, begin by asking yourself this: If you took a wrong turn in your car and ended up where you started, would you take that same turn again? Probably not! Yet time and time again, we all make the same resolutions at the same time of year, basically setting ourselves up to fail. Isn’t it time to change your routine and perhaps change your way of thinking? If it hasn’t worked in the past, it’s not going to work this time around either!

FIRST STEP: Change your results by examining your goals and how you view exercise and fitness. This is the key to understanding why so few of those New Year’s resolutions really work. Is your resolution a short-term goal? Is it based on a number, like losing 20 lbs in 6 weeks, instead of an overall feeling of health and wellness? Once you start to look at the roots of your health habits, you can identify what’s been holding you back. If you’ve made a decision to get in shape for the New Year, yet deep inside you “hate” exercise and don’t feel comfortable in a gym, you’ll be fighting yourself every step of the way. The way to achieve your goals in health, or in life for that matter, is to bring your thoughts and actions into alignment. Get in the habit of positively reinforcing the benefits of daily exercise.

SECOND STEP: Find new ways to stay healthy and get in better shape. Giving yourself options will help you stay on track and keep you motivated to follow through with your fitness goals. Some suggestions:

• Make exercise fun again by joining a group. Sign up with a runner’s club, take dance lessons or seek out new classes that appeal to you. There are literally dozens of classes available in most areas–from spinning and water aerobics to martial arts and TRX (our specialty!). Do some research and try a few. Exercise isn’t necessarily easy, but in a group it doesn’t have to feel boring or dreadful. You can get started by checking out our class schedule.

• If classes aren’t your thing, working with a personal trainer is an excellent way to stay motivated and get the results you seek. One of a trainer’s jobs is to make sure you enjoy the experience and keep you interested in your pursuit of better health. Having someone else take the guesswork out of exercise, so you spend less time figuring out what to do and more time moving your body, is also going to get you results quicker. (For a complimentary session with one of Nimble’s amazing trainers, contact us at

• Pay more attention to the little things. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator or skipping dessert when you’re dining out, all adds up. Even something seemingly simple like drinking more water throughout the day will make you look and feel better. Try cooking simple, healthy meals at home if you eat out often. Replace common unhealthy food choices with better options, organic whenever possible.

THIRD STEP: Observe your thoughts and daily habits and develop a sense of awareness about them. First, think about the basics: Are you getting enough rest? Are you making good food choices? Moving your muscles on a daily basis? Next, observe how you feel throughout your day. Do you generally feel good? Feel stressed? What’s the source of your greatest stress, and how can you reduce it? Maybe there’s a simple solution, like taking a few days off, or maybe greater action needs to be taken – like finding a new career. Take a moment to examine your daily priorities—how does fitness fit onto your list? And be aware of any excuses you use which consistently hold you back: the office happy hour, your favorite TV show, etc. You’ll gain some very interesting information about yourself—information you can use to refine your health plan and move forward.

Finally, have faith in the process; every mountain climb starts with a single step. You’re not going to get to the peak in one day, so take your time and learn about yourself as you progress. And take time to enjoy the view! As you continue to find daily ways to be healthy, you’ll feel your strength and confidence improve. The solution is there, waiting for you.