Michael Deputato is a father, husband, brother, son, a valued friend of Nimble Fitness and all-around amazing human being. He is also a gifted musician, producer and executive with the Universal Music Group. Today, we’re writing to ask for your help in supporting Michael and his family during a very difficult time.

Michael has brain cancer. His family and close friends have already seen him beat it once, and he’s spent the last decade in remission, making amazing records, marrying his wife Milenka and becoming a father four years ago. Now that the aggressive cancer has returned, Michael has endured surgery, several rounds of chemo, and lengthy hospital stays. The brain cancer has now progressed to the point that he and his family are running out of treatment options, as well as the financial means to keep fighting the disease.

We’ve set up a fund to help Michael and his family with treatment, care and the future. We ask that you please give what you can give. Here’s the GoFundMe link :