Sun Salutation (video)

with Kristin Porter … Here is a shortened sun salutation that can be done anywhere. These gentle movements are beneficial for everyone whether you are a beginner or a born pretzel! The flexion and extension of the back creates heat, length, improves circulation and prepares the body for work or to simply start the day.

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Down Dog (video)

by Kristin Porter … Follow this simple yoga flow series into Down Dog, which can be done anywhere. Breath as you move through Standing Forward Fold, Flat Back, Plank, Chaturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog and transition back into Forward Folding to begin again.

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How To Lengthen Your Arm Line With A Reverse Plank.

This video by Nimble’s Kristin Porter demonstrates a great stretch to lengthen the front arm lines and increase range of motion in the shoulders. You’ll begin with one leg bent and work your way up to a full Reverse Plank. Take notice of the hand placement (fingers pointing towards feet) and how the shoulders are […]

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Warrior Two Into Extended Side Pose

Check out this great video by our very own Kristin Porter. In it she demonstrates how to go from a Warrior II pose into an Extended Side pose. This is a great way to stretch your body and create length along your adductors, obliques and lats. Repeat the same thing on the other side for […]

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Welcome to our newest team member, Kristin Porter

Nimble Fitness has a new team member, Kristin Porter. Her passion for Yoga and Pilates developed through many years of personal practice. She is a teacher, leader, songwriter, musician, creator and a creative expression facilitator. Kristin graduated from Belmont University, Nashville TN, with a BA in music. She earned her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification through […]

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