The Unknown

by Daniel Lucas… The journey that occurs in our bodies is completely harmonious with the rhythms of nature.  For me, training and moving is my consistent, flowing link back to our natural selves. Living in New York City, and working at Nimble Fitness in Union Square, means it’s vital for me to remain grounded in nature, […]

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by Charleene O’Connor… What if someone had a magic pill that could make you feel calmer and more energized; something that could combat depression, shrink your waistline, improve your focus and productivity, regulate your hormones and boost your immune system? And what if I told you that magic pill is called sleep? Sufficient, quality sleep […]

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Lets Talk About Love

by Charleene O’Connor… Lets talk about love! Whenever we feel stuck in life, it’s because we choose to let fear control us instead of love. Whenever there is love, there is a path to get unstuck and find your true way again. What do you love to do? When you choose to do what you […]

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Clean Eating (and Living) in 2017

by Charleene O’Connor… Consumers today will pay a premium for organic, wholesome products. People want to live as naturally as they can, so the consumer environment is ripe for companies and marketers to emphasize all the “clean” benefits of their products. At Nimble Fitness, we know that choosing natural, high-quality food and cleaning products are […]

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The Struggle Is Real!

by Jason Pulido… I recently passed my 20-year anniversary of being a personal trainer, and have settled into my role as a partner at Nimble Fitness in New York City. Growing up, I was always athletic, a wrestler, football and baseball player since elementary school. Each year during football season, I would work really hard […]

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Practice Fitness- And Train For Life!

by Daniel Lucas… Life-long fitness is about practice! Like the Yogi who still gets on the mat at the age of 100, or the Tai Chi master who continually strives to improve their flow, one’s true level of fitness is formed over a lifetime. In America, the fitness mantra over time has somehow become “how […]

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Posture and Pain

by Charleene O’Connor… The human body is amazing. It is designed to move! Connective tissue, muscles, and bones are all designed to move in space, and respond to different types of stress. Stress, when we talk about the body, can be a good thing. The body’s response to a stressor like gravity or an external […]

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The Traveler Workout

by Norris Baichan… As a Personal Trainer at Nimble Fitness, I know that the majority of our clients are required to travel, often several times a year. It can be very challenging to maintain an exercise routine with consistent travel, never mind actually getting the results that you have worked so hard to achieve. So, I’d […]

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Being Consistent

by Daniel Lucas They say that half of the journey to success is just showing up! This definitely holds true when it comes to reaching the fitness goals you set for yourself. Staying on track with your training program is extremely important when it comes developing muscle, shifting body composition and increasing endurance. I’d like […]

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Keep the Program, Change the Exercise

by Norris Baichan… One of the key challenges in any workout program is consistently varying the exercises, to ensure that your body is tested, pushed towards its limits, and doesn’t plateau. As a trainer at Nimble Fitness in New York City, I’ve seen that the way to do this effectively is commonly misunderstood. For many […]

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Wedding Season Is Here

by Brittany Fout… Spring is here, which also means the heart of wedding season is here! Brides and grooms everywhere are planning for their big day and want to look good for their Instagram (or Facebook, or Pinterest) moment. Which also means that there’s a lot of friends and family that are also furiously counting […]

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Nimble By Nature: After the Race

by Keith Paine… So, we did it! Turns out that 50 miles is a long haul, and requires pretty much everything you’ve got. The different parts of the course are challenging in different ways, but our team held together, gutted it out and managed to laugh a lot along the way. Which is important, because […]

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Nimble By Nature: 50 Miles and Why?

by Daniel Lucas… Why do some people want to do things that jus don’t sound that pleasant or smart sometimes?   I can only speak for my self when it comes to tackling 50 miles in 24 hours in the New York mountains.   When I ask myself why a couple thoughts come to mind. 1.  I love doing new […]

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Nimble By Nature: 50 Mile Race/ Training Blog

by Keith Paine… The first thing we decided is “this is definitely not a race.” It’s 50 miles, so we’re taking it slow. Biggest goal? Finish before the sun goes down! That gives us a pace of about 4-5 miles an hour over rocky, hilly incredibly beautiful terrain, with a few bike paths (and water/aid […]

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