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Spring Training: Recharge Your Gut!

I’m not going to sugar coat it: tiny aliens are living in your body! Also known as bacteria, these organisms play a vital role in your health. There is much that is still a mystery when it comes to the role of these ‘intelligent’ bacteria, but scientific studies paint a very interesting picture of what […]

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Sleepology 101

  by Daniel Lucas Sleepology 101 There is a good reason why three scientists won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on circadian rhythms in sleep. It’s because sleep is a big deal! It is absolutely vital to preventing disease, maintaining a strong immune system, building quality energy, and ensuring longevity. These scientists found, […]

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Train Smart, Not Just Hard!

by Daniel Lucas… Listen, as one of the founders of Nimble Fitness, and as a coach for 20 years, I can tell you that I love most fitness classes. The energy of having other people in the room, being led by a knowledgeable and motivational instructor, makes for an unbeatable experience. We offer a range […]

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Back to the Basics: The Push-Up

by Daniel Lucas… Why is the push up a star in the training world? What does it have that other exercises don’t? Let’s break it down! The push-up is a fundamental bodyweight strength movement for the upper body and core. It can be performed anywhere, and has many variations. Many exercisers still perform this movement […]

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Back to the Basics: The Hinge

by Daniel Lucas… At Nimble, what we’re looking for in the hip hinge is the femur and pelvis working together to create a hinging “glide” at the joint, instead of the entire lumbar spine and hip moving together. Why is the hinge important? That hinging effect allows the lumbar spine to stay in a stable, neutral position […]

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Back to the Basics: The Squat!

We do it every day. When we sit in a chair or use the restroom.  When we pick something up or duck under something else. When get in and out of a car. Basically, you will be squatting your entire life, so let’s start doing it properly now!  First, I would like to share that there […]

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