Trish Govoni

“I have been working out with trainers for a long time but this is by far the most holistic approach to fitness I have ever had. The team at nimble is dedicated to working with every client to create the best workouts for each individual. They are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of wellness and are motivating without being pushy. On top of all of that the facilities are spotless. This is the best gym / trainer experience I have had in a really long time !!”

Vasudev Vadlamudi

“I’ve been with Nimble for over two years. Before that I worked out with personal trainers for over a decade at places including Equinox, Gold’s, and more.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from a personal training-only gym, but Daniel, Kaz, and team have been fantastic. I can tell that they really know physical fitness and wellness – they sense how to push you when you’re ready, when to help you recover when you’re not, and are always encouraging and friendly.
During the pandemic they were extra supportive with remote options (my body and mind really appreciated that!), and now it feels amazing to be back in the gym with them again. Highly recommended!”

Michael Netter

“The best! I’m an OG, having trained with Nimble since they opened their doors in 2006. Started working with Daniel 25 years ago when he coaxed me off my couch and into a life of movement and fitness (100 miles of walking/week). 2 years ago I fractured/dislocated 9 bones in my legs and suffered considerable soft tissue damage in a car accident. I was hospitalized for 4 months, pretty sure I’d never walk again. Daniel was sure I would and started working with me in the hospital. With the help of his continuous encouragement and holistic training regimen, I’ve gone from gurney to wheelchair to walker to walking without a cane. And from a world of pain to a world of freedom.”

Anthony Prevete

“I have been with Daniel at Nimble Fitness for more that 10 years. I receive a very comprehensive workout. He is engaged,concerned and more importantly very knowledgable in the realm of fitness and techniques. I recommended Nimble Fitness to anyone thinking about starting on an exercise program.”

Doug Hughes

“I count finding my way to Nimble Fitness as one of the best things that has happened to me in recent years. My workouts with Daniel are highlights of my week. His approach is distinguished by a staggering knowledge of how the body works. And he applies that knowledge with acute sensitivity to where I’m at physically. The workouts are both challenging and invigorating. The word “holistic” gets thrown around like a frisbee by personal trainers but it truly applies at Nimble.
My diet, strength, flexibility and morale have all been positively affected since I walked through the door on East 12th Street.”

Alice Campbell

“There’s no place like Nimble for personal training. I came in with a history of back issues and after only a year, I am fit and strong and have better posture. I attribute this all to Daniel Lucas and his thoughtful, smart approach. You can’t beat the studio vibe either – high touch, knowledgeable and professional meets fun, relaxed, and unassuming. Nimble is the BEST.”

Brinda Dixit

“Oh how I am grateful to have found Nimble when I did! I came to Keith and his team after years of over-working-out and improperly fueling myself, running around to different classes, gyms and personal trainers around the city that, now I have realized, are merely opportunities to get injured developing muscles that are already worked enough day-to-day, and overall empty expenditures of energy. But in 6 short months, my time at Nimble has transformed me physically and mentally – working out has changed its meaning for good thanks to Keith and I am never turning anywhere else after this! The most unique part about Nimble is that it’s individualistic, progressive, and WORKS. Never have I had such a tailored exercise program for me, and I’ve tried out enough personal trainers in NYC to know that. I’ve learned the tools to have all parts of my body work in tandem, I know how to workout hard and efficiently, and I trust that I will never get injured working out here, ever. I am stronger and leaner than ever, I am lifting weights I could never imagine, and my immune system and blood work have all improved thanks to the philosophy and the program at Nimble.”

Jaimal Soni

“I’ve been working with Jason and the Nimble team for over 2 years. After a car accident, I tried acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy and personal training. Working with the staff at Nimble is the only thing that gave me lasting results. I’m in better shape now than before the accident. Thank you!”

Drew G.

“I have been a client for two years now. This team knows their fitness! They train you smart, not just hard. I always feel they have my long-term health in mind when I am training with them. Nice studio in a convenient location. Also, their video training is a seamless transition when I am not able to make it in person. I highly recommend Daniel, Kaz and the team!”

Sara Wheeler-Smith

“I’ve worked out at Nimble (primarily with Daniel) for roughly two years. Thanks to their expertise, encouragement, and care, I’m far stronger and fitter. Plus – my posture is so much better that I’m half and inch taller(!).
I always feel challenged and that I’ve gotten an amazing workout. (This is no cookie cutter gym; everything is tailored to your body and your goals). Everyone in the studio is great – warm, supportive, friendly, and deeply experienced. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every cent.”

Michelene Wilkerson

“I was virtually training with Keith during the peak of the pandemic. Keith is a gem. I’ve always been really intimidated by gym culture, especially as a newbie. I feared looking like I didn’t know what I was doing and being judged for it. Keith completely helped me to feel super comfortable starting from the beginning and embracing my fitness + nutrition journey . He coaches with kindness and helped me to understand everything I was doing. On top of that, he truly just cares about his clients. Every session he genuinely checked in to see how I was. As a Black woman, I felt safe with the Nimble team (which is priceless). I had to take a pause, but I can’t wait to get started again!”

Kerry Feldmann

“Highly recommend! Total pros with a holistic approach and a friendly, positive studio vibe. I had a complimentary assessment with Jason who was so knowledgeable and very thorough. I have been training with Charlie for several months which has been great – his sessions are challenging and fun and I love that he celebrates my progress as much (or more!) than I do. It’s a great environment and the team always asks for feedback.”

Jennifer Markowitz

“Nimble -goer for over a decade. Our whole family (teens, twenties and fifties) enjoys working out here. Trainers attuned to our varying energies, goals and limitations. Jason is warm, encouraging and always challenging. Nimble has created a community and is inviting and motivating.”

Megan Mclean

“I started working with Daniel online early in the pandemic, and find his remote coaching to be highly effective. I appreciate his holistic approach and ability to adjust to how I am feeling to get the most out of my sessions. He’s fun to work with and has helped me manage my fitness, energy, and mental well-being over the past several months.”

Sankar Sen

“I have been training with Keith Paine over Zoom for several months and it has been a life-saver! Keith is a consummate professional in every sense of the phrase, and he has figured out how we can get the most out of the virtual sessions. As someone who used to do mainly weights in the gym, these workouts have been nothing short of transformational, and I feel fitter, stronger and more balanced. I recently went on a hiking trip and I credit my stamina and endurance to these virtual workouts. Can’t recommend Keith and Nimble Fitness highly enough – the best!”

Pamela Hogan

“Best training experience I have ever had. Jason is tremendously knowledgeable and our remote workouts over the past year have been transformative. He has also worked wonders with several friends who are coping with specific physical challenges. Jason and Nimble Fitness are amazing!!!”

Marie Eve Piche

“I stumbled across Nimble Fitness while looking for a personal trainer to solve my back issues. Jason did my assessment and he was incredible!! He knew exactly what the problem was and put a program in place. Last year, I went through a pregnancy while training with Jason. Still no back issue! He also solved the back issue that my girlfriend had while pregnant. Also, he has a lot of experience with pregnant women. Jason is amazing!!! I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!”

Yuval Lion

“I’ve been training at Nimble for several years. They have fantastic, professional trainers who bring a personal touch and really care about the outcomes you want to achieve… and help you get there. Highly recommended!”

Emily Barsamian

“Nimble is the greatest! I started working with Jason several years ago, following multiple sports related, knee surgeries, and I feel stronger than ever! Jason always strikes the balance between creating difficult workouts, but also strengthening my muscles to prevent further injury. The entire Nimble team is amazing and I always love coming into the gym!”