The Owners

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Daniel Lucas

Co-Founder, Nimble Fitness

Daniel Lucas, co-founder of Nimble Fitness and a highly respected personal trainer, health practitioner, presenter and educator, believes life’s challenges are an opportunity for personal growth.

One of his own greatest challenges was experiencing the death of his father at an early age, due to preventable health causes and an unhealthy lifestyle. This event would set in motion Daniel’s life mission–to inspire others to get healthy and live their best…read more about Daniel Lucas

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Keith Paine

Co-Founder, Nimble Fitness

Keith Paine embodies a true mind/body/spirit balance. A certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, metabolic nutritional advisor and co-founder of Nimble Fitness, Keith is also a talented writer and accomplished musician.

This diversity and freedom is the essence of what he teaches and what his company, Nimble Fitness, is all about–unlimited personal growth shaped and nurtured by integrated health and wellness programs, discipline and a real love for what he does… read more about Keith Paine

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Jason Pulido

Co-Owner, Nimble Fitness

Jason Pulido, a co-owner of Nimble Fitness in New York City, began working in the fitness industry in 1996 as a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness. He quickly developed into one of the top personal trainers in the company, eventually being promoted to Personal Training Manager.

Jason proceeded to develop and systemize the fitness training program at Crunch, implementing methodologies, procedures and development programs that were used throughout the company… read more about Jason Pulido

Our Personal Trainers

Ian Kurtz

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Ian is a trainer that takes functional training to the next level. From his years of experience on the wrestling mat, he has learned the importance of intense full body training, bringing strength and conditioning together with functionality and flexibility… read more about Ian Kurtz

Eden Valinoti

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness 

Growing up in Australia, Eden was an elite gymnast for 10 years. With training always being at the forefront of her life, she came to know the importance of movement from an early age.

Becoming a Personal Trainer 10 years ago, Eden now specializes in Functional movement, Boxing and Pilates. Throughout….read more about Eden Valinoti

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Chris McCauley

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Chris McCauley spent most of his life in the the dance studio, having attended two of the top ballet schools in the country and dancing professionally for 8 years.

Studying the traditional Russian Vaganova System of training gave him a deep respect for proper form and an eye for correct body placement during movement… read more about Chris McCauley

Jenean Baylor

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

With over a decade of experience in teaching a variety of movement modalities, Jenean focuses on educating her clients, guiding them through exercises for mobility and strength training in an environment that’s supportive and fun.
She is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor, personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a certified Precision Nutrition Coach…read more about Jenean Baylor

Michelle Cuddy

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Michelle has been working as a certified personal trainer since 2018, sharing the benefits of weight training and functional movement with her clients.

Prior to becoming a trainer, she spent many years as a dancer, and … read more about Michelle Cuddy

Kaz Qamruddin

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

With 24 years in the health and fitness industry, Kaz has a passion for teaching a wide variety of training principles, and applying them in a complete, well-rounded program.

Creating customized workouts, yet leaving clients energized, exhilarated and full of vitality at the end, is the goal…read more about Kaz Qamruddin

Charlie Jones

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Charlie Jones, a NASAM certified trainer since 2017, grew up in Hartford, CT and has always been interested in fitness. Drawing inspiration from… Read more about Charlie Jones

Ali Mcrae

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Ali McRae has been in the fitness and wellness industry for much of her life! Growing up as a dancer, gymnast and springboard diver, Ali was always moving. She discovered through her younger years that movement wasn’t just fun and competitive, but also a healing and expressive tool for her. After earning a BA in Dance Choreography and Performance, she fell in love with… Read more about Ali McRae

Christina Perinhas

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Christina Perinhas has been a Personal Trainer with the Nimble Fitness team since 2012. Certified through AFAA, she believes that getting in shape is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve.

Christina adapts her fitness programs specifically to the individual client, which range from basic conditioning and postural work to strength training and HIIT circuits. … read more about Christina Perinhas

Garth Johnson

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Garth’s training principals are primarily based on your given aesthetics. Every individual is unique, and what they can achieve aesthetically is also unique to them. So for this reason  Garth utilizes a variety of different methods to continuously stimulate both your body and mind.

Workouts with Garth are guaranteed to be physically challenging and progressive every time rather than just the first couple meetings… read more about Garth Johnson

Norris Baichan

Personal Trainer, Nimble Fitness

Norris Baichan is a Movement Instructor and certified Strength and Conditioning coach who utilizes various branches of fitness and nutrition to create a fun, functional and efficient method of training.

Over the past five years, he has been empowering his clients to achieve their highest potential and enabling them to live a happier and active lifestyle. Norris recently earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from Montclair State and has added numerous certifications to his resume including… read more about Norris Baichan