DANIEL LUCAS Co-Founder, Nimble Fitness

Daniel Lucas, co-founder of Nimble Fitness and a highly respected health practitioner, presenter and educator, believes life’s challenges are an opportunity for personal growth. One of his own greatest challenges was experiencing the death of his father at an early age, due to preventable causes and an unhealthy lifestyle. This event would set in motion Daniel’s life mission–to inspire others to get healthy and live their best. He believes that to fulfill one’s life purpose, fitness and well-being are the foundation. Daniel lives this principle and shares it with each one of Nimble’s clients. They learn to look at the various aspects of health–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social–as an essential part of their whole life experience.

Over the past twenty years Daniel has transformed himself into one of New York City’s premier functional strength and conditioning coaches. Along with a B.A. in Physical Education, he is a constant student with accreditations from highly respected institutions including The National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS), The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and the CHEK Institute, where he achieved his titles as a C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a certified Metabolic Nutrition Advisor. He is also a Level 3 Touch For Health practitioner, studying with the International Kinesiology College and learning a system of muscle testing used to improve postural balance, increase neural connectivity and reduce discomfort in the body. Daniel has completed an extensive 200-hour course in structural integration and advanced anatomy with recognized educator and author Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains).  Other certifications: Precision Nutrition coach, MELT instructor; Barefoot Training Specialist; Rehab Trainer; MET with Dr. Leon Chiatow. Daniel has recently been added as one of the business consultant coaches with the Wellness Leaders Group, which helps other health and fitness entrepreneurs grow their business.

Today, Daniel trains clients locally at the two Nimble Fitness studios in Manhattan and coaches clients globally through the Nimble Pro-Coaching platform. He also creates unique wellness programs for companies, and develops continuing education programs for other personal trainers. As an industry veteran, Daniel is a sought after presenter and keynote speaker on topics related to health and personal growth.

“Strength of body and mind allows us to adapt to life’s experiences with awareness and balance.”