KAZ QAMRUDDIN Personal Trainer 

With 24 years in the health and fitness industry, Kaz has a passion for teaching a wide variety of training principles, and applying them in a complete, well-rounded program. Creating customized workouts, yet leaving clients energized, exhilarated and full of vitality at the end, is the goal.

He is adept at combining balance, strength, cardio, core, flexibility and nutrition fundamentals, all of which are essential to achieving a faster, leaner, stronger, and longer, you.

His love for personal training came when he took Kinesiology at the University of Colorado Boulder, which sparked a huge interest in the field. He has worked with the  ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association) and University of Colorado football and track teams where he learned the basics of plyometrics, speed and agility training. He has applied those principles as part of his training philosophy, working at some of the leading gyms around the country, owning his own training studios, and working with individuals of all ages, abilities and athleticism.

After training an extensive range of clients all over, Kaz excited to plant roots and join the Nimble Team! His intention is to be your trusted guide and partner on your fitness journey as you work to transform yourself and your life.