KEITH PAINE Co-Founder, Nimble Fitness

Keith Paine embodies a true mind/body/spirit balance. A certified health and fitness trainer, yoga instructor, metabolic nutritional advisor and co-founder of Nimble Fitness, Keith is also a talented writer and accomplished musician. This diversity and freedom is the essence of what he teaches and what his company, Nimble Fitness, is all about–unlimited personal growth shaped and nurtured by integrated programs, discipline and a real love for what he does.

Keith believes there are absolutely no limits but the ones we place on ourselves. It was his uncle who inspired this philosophy. A respected sportswriter in Boston, Keith’s uncle interviewed and wrote about many great athletes of his day. The man was also a quadriplegic who typed his own articles, one letter at a time. Inspired as a child by such an accomplished soul, Keith strives to live his life with the same fearlessness and determination.

Today, Keith is a highly regarded health and wellness coach who has over a decade of experience changing lives with his holistic approach. Skilled in Iyengar-based yoga, he is fortunate to have learned from great teachers including Dharma Mitra and Elena Brower. Keith has found in yoga the perfect vehicle for his physical and spiritual evolution as well as another great tool to guide clients towards integrated balance and health. His yoga teaching is informed by his experience as a health coach and his anatomy training. Keith recently completed an extensive 200-hour course in structural integration and advanced anatomy with recognized educator and author Thomas Myers. He is currently writing and producing a meditation CD for Nimble and working on their expanding website and online health newsletter.