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TRX Functional Core at Union Square

Strengthen your foundational core in this mid-intensity TRX class. We’ll focus on the abs, back & glutes, with the intention of activating & strengthening your spine stabilizer muscles. This class will also focus creating space in the body by lengthening & stretching.

Strictly Straps at Union Square

Our foundational TRX class focusing on all the prime movements. Good for Beginners.

Total Body Conditioning at St. Marks 

Keep your heart rate up, your muscular output high, and a smile on your face with his unique circuit of full-body moves and his unique personality. Plenty of expert instruction, high enthusiasm and total body work.

The Iron Circuit at Union Square

Blast fat and sculpt muscles with a unique demanding blend of TRX and Kettlebell intervals. Build strength, conditioning, mobility, stability and balance in one workout. Kettlebell exercises train the entire body at once enhancing the activities of everyday life. This class incorporates multiple levels of difficulty making it the ultimate challenge.

TRX CONBLAST at Union Square

A high intensity circuit that involves challenging total body exercises with short recovery times. This class is designed increased your muscle endurance, helps build lean muscle mass, increase metabolism, and increase cardio performance. Benefits of this class includes balance, stability, and mobility training. *All fitness levels.

TRX Core POWer at Union Square

Core POWer is a form focused cardio interval class that uses the TRX to challenge your own bodyweight as resistance.  Following a fluid pilates inspired warm-up, you will pick up momentum by moving from one exercise to the next leaving no muscle group left unburned.  You will leave with the perfect balance of feeling both stretched and strengthened.  Open to all levels.

TRX Roots at Union Square

TRX Roots redefines the word “Core” and will teach you how to make the TRX straps your tool.By using your body as resistance, you will discover how to do every exercise safely, effectively and efficiently while simultaneously integrating both stability and mobility.You will leave having mastered your own body’s brilliant, individual technique with no fear of using it. Created and developed by BodyRoots founder and Master-Trainer JOana Meneses. Open to all levels.

TRX Total Body Conditioning at Union Square

Are you ready to sculpt the ultimate athletic physique and train like a Pro? TRX Performance is an challenging class focusing on athletic performance with pull- ups, handstands, hanging leg raises, etc. Get ready to increase power, speed, agility and endurance with this total body workout. *Note: This class is not for first- timers or participants with injuries. A base level of fitness and prior TRX experience is recommended.
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