bar_hJAMES (JIMMY) EVERETT Personal Trainer

Jimmy’s avid interest in training for strength and conditioning started with his involvement in varsity sports in high school. Eventually, the idea of being fit as a healthy lifestyle became a focal point in his life.

Jimmy went on to study Food and Nutrition at Florida State University; upon graduating he received his NASM CPT credential. Jimmy feel’s that having a balanced understanding of Nutrition and Fitness, and how they work together, is very important in obtaining desired results–so he has worked both as a Nutrition Educator with the Florida Department of Health, as well as a personal trainer and manager at several health clubs.

“Making a real difference in people’s lives, and offering the kind of support that can make it easier for anyone to commit to a positive health change, is why I chose this profession. What I strive to bring to my job every day are enthusiasm, motivation to help others and a continued desire to improve what I do and to know more.”

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