KHARI MAY Personal Trainer

Khari’s career in personal training began 14 years ago at Crunch Fitness in New York City, where he studied, practiced, and eventually excelled as a trainer. He was also tapped for leadership positions at Crunch, such as Assistant Manager and Fitness Director. Meanwhile, Khari’s training skills have been featured in AM newspaper, and Muscle and Fitness magazine.

All of these accolades, however, never permitted Khari to forget the basics of fitness- hard work and discipline. These are the necessary virtues to transform one’s body and mind. Always athletic, Khari spent his early years playing baseball, then moved on to body-building and is now focused on being an overall conditioned athlete. Khari incorporates all four dimensions of fitness with his clients: strength, flexibility, endurance, and speed.
Furthermore, it is Khari’s belief that fitness is the key to a comfortable,
happy lifestyle.