RACHEL SATTLER Personal Trainer / Class Instructor

colorheadshotRachel grew up dancing in Carson City, NV. Dance has led her from Sacramento to France through much of Europe and to the Dominican Republic. In 2003, it brought her to NYC.

Throughout her early dance years, cross training with Pilates and weights played an important role in keeping her fit and injury free. In 2004, she found her way to Pilates and personal training as a career. She is a certified in PMA, ACE and continually furthers her education in everything from knee rehab to pre/post natal fitness. Her training style infuses Pilates, yoga, calisthenics and her perspective on alignment, coordination, and balance from years as a dancer. She strives to create an environment of heightened focus and self-awareness to inspire growth, whether her students are new to exercise or gym rats.

“As a personal trainer and as a teacher, I believe that I am just the first step or a doorway into my student’s own self-discovery. My focus is never on a quick fix or a flashy fad that will dazzle my clients, but on helping my clients answer vital questions about why their physicality functions as it does now, and how they can function more effectively, be it as they work towards weight loss goals in a gym, get back to their weekend sports after an injury, or make it through a day of lifting children, groceries, or boxes. My sessions and classes focus heavily on form. Whether I am taking a client through a Pilates exercise, yoga asana, free weight circuit, or hamstring stretch, my aim is to help them understand how to perform the exercise properly, what is the purpose of doing the exercise, and how they can incorporate the principle of the exercise in their daily living. In my experience, I have found that the more knowledge I can give my students in their sessions, the more fully they can reach their potential in movement outside of the gym.”

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