“As a 63 year old athletic man with some strength, little flexibility and in need of some cardio, I give my deep thanks to you for the work you did with me over the five weeks of my stay in New York. Your personal attention allowed me to see your best work, and the result was all I could have hoped for. I am now stronger, better balanced and more flexible. More important, I take with me a clear sense of what I have to do and how I need to do it. I encourage anyone in my situation to take advantage of Antonio and the Nimble team; you’ll be better off for doing so.”  -Dave Olsen (co-founder Starbucks)

“Working with Daniel, Keith and Antonio has been a transformative experience for my physical and mental well being. They are true professionals and tailor the Nimble experience to the individual needs of their clients. It is the best experience I have had in all the years I have been working out. Highly recommended.” – Arthur

“Keith and the staff at Nimble Fitness are the best people and the best trainers! I say this emphatically! They have opened my eyes to so many aspects of my general well-being and approaches to fitness that I never knew existed –I will be eternally grateful to them. I am much stronger, much more flexible, much more aware of my body and physical self (in a good way!) thanks to Nimble. “ -Julia

“Through their efforts, Daniel, Keith and Antonio enable me to achieve my highest level of wellness and physical ability. Their intuitive approach to fitness is one of learning and opportunity, for both client and trainer alike. They continually learn about my particular needs through on-going evaluation and regular dialogue with me, enabling us together to develop a fitness program in total harmony with what and who I am. They don’t categorize, they visualize, giving me maximum opportunity to expand my capabilities. We are truly partners in this endeavor. They constantly exhibit true professionalism. I deeply appreciate the care and sensitivity they continue to give me during every session. I’ve been a Nimbler since there’s been a Nimble, and I’ll always be one!” -Tony

“The guys at Nimble are great. They are enthusiastic about training each client and getting him/her into the best shape possible. Each trainer really observes their client’s bodies, eating habits, and overall lifestyles, and then work with you to make real changes in your body that you can both see and feel. Nimble is filled with a lot of positive energy and its a very friendly environment. Whether you are looking for a relaxing yoga session or a heartpounding cardio workout, Nimble has it all.” -Carolyn