personal trainer east village

“Daniel and his team at Nimble offer a personal training experience at the highest level. Nimble embraces their clients by providing a holistic approach to self care founded on the personal part of personal training. Their is no cookie cutter one size fits all approach here. Daniel and his team meet you “where you are” taking into consideration all the subtle nuances that separate one client from the next. Whether you’re looking for a low impact approach to better health or more intense physical training rest assured you’ll receive a balanced, thoughtful experience at Nimble. Don’t waste your time exploring other options. Nimble is it.”

–Mitchell Gross

“I have been a client of Nimble for many years. I am 63 years old and am in better shape than many young people I know. The difference between Nimble and other training centers I’ve gone to is that they don’t just work you, they work with you. On days I am not feeling well, instead of working my butt off and making me feel worse, my trainer Dan, can read me like a book and knows exactly the level to work me to keep me going and actually give me energy from our session instead of exhausting me. They take a whole body approach, encouraging proper nutrition, rest and stress reduction. His end of session shoulder massage hits the exact points that really need to be released. At this point I couldn’t live without them.”

— Karen Ranucci

“I have been with Daniel at Nimble Fitness for more that 10 years. I receive a very comprehensive workout. He is engaged, concerned and more importantly very knowledgable in the realm of fitness and techniques. I recommended Nimble Fitness to anyone thinking about starting on an exercise program.”

— Anthony Prevete

“An oasis in the world of gyms with blaring music and pumping ironistas and frigid AC!
Nimble creates a peaceful but purposive environment with calm, focused trainers and a vibe that makes you come back…and back..and back. Great for women looking for strength and balance training.”

— Lynne Brown

“After a series of sports-related injuries, I was referred to Nimble Fitness by a PT friend of mine. I’ve been working one-on-one with one of their personal trainers, and it’s been a great experience all around. They’ve helped address some of my underlying weaknesses that needed attention, have been careful not to exacerbate any of my old injuries, and have been pushing me forward towards better and more well-rounded fitness–which, as anyone who’s been on the bench for a long time after an injury knows, is not easy.”

— Daniel Gritzer

“Nimble Fitness is my morning meditation. It’s great for both the body and mind. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and overall health. Starting the day at Nimble clears my head and resets my mood, so I can begin the day focused and prepared.”

— Virginia Smith

“As a 63 year old athletic man with some strength, little flexibility and in need of some cardio, I give my deep thanks to Nimble for the work you did with me over the five weeks of my stay in New York. Your personal attention allowed me to see your best work, and the result was all I could have hoped for. I am now stronger, better balanced and more flexible. More important, I take with me a clear sense of what I have to do and how I need to do it. I encourage anyone in my situation to take advantage of the Nimble team; you’ll be better off for doing so.”

— Dave Olsen