Nimble Fitness has always stood for the core values of inclusion, the dignity of the individual, and respect for all people.

Today and every day we stand with our Black, minority and LGBTQ brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues at Nimble and in our community. We celebrate all the contributions they make to the health and wellness world.

As a company, we’re committed to amplifying these voices, shining a light on their talents and creating opportunities for growth and equality in the fitness industry.

Nimble supports this continued cultural movement, one that demands that our society and our government hold true to the ideals of equality, equal justice under the law, and zero tolerance for racism, sexism and bigotry.

We have actively sought to support these efforts through our Nimble Gives partnerships with charitable organizations, and we commit to doing more.

Now, it is our opportunity to listen better, contemplate and take focused actions that help our society evolve into one of actual equality and equal opportunity. And we intend to do our part to build a healthier culture- more to come.