Dare to Care: A hands on, do-it-together partner massage and stretch workshop

Would you like to do something *DIFFERENT* this Valentine’s Day with someone you care about?  Do you want to feel empowered to help someone reduce the aches, pains and stress in their body? Or know that someone is helping you with yours in a safe manner? 

Join Nimble Fitness Co-Owner Jason Pulido & wife Erika and their combined 33 years experience for a special assisted partner stretching and myofascial release workshop.  Under their easy to follow guidance, you and your loved one will learn how to assess the body while practicing simple techniques to support each other’s well being. Build confidence, body awareness and effective communication to give and receive the healing benefits of touch.

In this two hour interactive Valentine’s Day weekend workshop bring a loved one, friend, co-worker to learn:

  • The basic overview of the body and the importance of fascia.
  • Where common muscle tightness/tension/soreness occurs and the techniques to relieve it.
  • When it is appropriate to massage and/or stretch a muscle
  • Key communication skills to ask for what you want/need, as well as how to fulfill your partner’s needs when helping them.
  • How to live a longer, healthier, happier life while deepening the bond with your loved one.

Please wear comfortable clothes as each partner will take turns stretching and massaging each other. Mats will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Date:  Saturday, February 15th

Time:  2pm-4pm

Location: Nimble Fitness, 6 St Marks Place, 2nd Floor

Cost:  $99 per couple

RESERVE TODAY! Space is limited to 10 couples