It’s been a week since my life path took an unexpected or possibly not so unexpected turn with me missing the landing while launching off a 20 foot cliff in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Ok, so it was a green run and all I was doing was standing up to stretch my legs while excellerating on an icey section where I should of been staying focused. I believe we create our reality and that there are no accidents, so when meditating on why Budda/Jesus/Universe tossed me aggressively onto my left arm breaking the the thumb and humerus, the answer was simple. It was time to slow down and connect to a deeper consciousness. A chance to adapt, change and create as always.  While coming out of meditation the thougth that I live to inspire was swirling around my mind so naturaly I came to the conclusion that it’s time to live more enthusiasm as before. The injury has slowed me down physically and the pain meds have confused my thoughts at times but my focus of spirit and commitment for every Nimble client, friend and family member grows by the minute. I have allowed my self to receive help from friends and family and I greatly appreciate all of it. It is no mystery to me that your life is only as good as the people you surround yourself with, which means I’m living my dream life. peace dlov