By Daniel Lucas

Along with all the political content that each of us has to wade through every morning, I’ve noticed some other interesting news headlines recently: “Have stairs in your home? You’ll live longer!”  “Runners live longer!”  “Want to live longer? Eat lots of veggies!”  “Get quality sleep and live longer.”

Do you notice a theme here? The message is pretty basic and is consistently supported by science. Your lifestyle habits are directly related to the quality and length of your life! If the goal for all of us is to live long and healthy, then this is like the fountain of youth. It keeps coming back to your healthy lifestyle habits. That’s it! –That’s all I have to say.

Well, I will keep going, but here’s the secret to health in a nutshell: How you eat, move, think, socialize and rest/rejuvenate creates a cycle where you can improve your present moment, over and over again. So, it’s about understanding the big picture and being consistent. It’s NOT about torturing yourself or doing the world’s toughest workout.

How much do you want to feel good?  “Feeling good” is the number one health goal written by Nimble Fitness clients on their questionnaires when they complete their complimentary assessment. When is the last time you had your health program, alignment, posture and movement patterns assessed by a professional? At Nimble, our assessment has been fine-tuned over 19 years of training and thousands of sessions, and we keep encountering the same mistake in approach: Most new clients come in thinking they need a monster program to achieve their goals.

The truth is, it’s not a complicated program you need, it’s a strategic, customized plan that maximizes resources, time and energy.  It needs to be simple!  For instance, if you try to radically change all of your lifestyle habits at the same time, you will most likely fail. However, if you take the Nimble path and make one solid, new habit for life, you might just build your energy, and in turn your desire, to take on the next new habit.

Do one thing consistently and then do the next one thing.  Before you know it, you will be feeling better, looking better and well on your way to living longer! Please contact me at if you want more info on how to improve your lifestyle habits, or if you feel like it’s time for your Nimble assessment.