What does it take to make real positive changes in the New Year? We all know that most New Year’s resolutions are made to fail–but why?

It’s not enough to just say “I’m losing 20 pounds this year.” Real change comes with belief, positive intent and having a game plan. At Nimble Fitness, we won’t tell you to make a New Year’s resolution, but we’d be happy to share in the work towards positive change. Everyday is an opportunity to make healthier changes in your life!

Why do people fall short at sticking to the change they desire for themselves? Below is Nimble’s list of resolution fails, ones we’ve seen over and over again. These are just a few thoughts to help you align with how to start the New Year–or any new phase of your life—with positive energy and concrete, do-able steps. With a healthy dose of self-respect, compassion and love, you can do it!


Often big goals are out of alignment with the smaller, incremental steps we need to be successful. After setting a goal, step back and assess the little things that need to happen to build to bigger success.


We need smart plans that feel achievable, not pie-in-the-sky dreams. If we can’t see it happening, it’s going to be much more challenging to achieve that goal.


When asking ourselves for change, it’s important that our target is clear. “You can’t hit two targets with one arrow.” Better to have one, achievable target. This means getting our subconscious mind aligned with what we desire.


People can say theybelieve in us, but it’s up to usto believe in ourselves! The question is: how does one shift their personal level of belief? I’d say, start with taking better care of yourself. Feeling good and having good energy both help immensely with being able to shift the mindset!


As stated above, if you have low energy it’s much harder to have the mental fortitude to stick to a new habit. My suggestion is make elevating your energy the first priority and then work outward from there.  Your health will improve and your goals might morph into new visions with your new-found energy.


Get a coach, trainer, or friend to assist with achieving your goal. Having a mentor or someone to work with is enjoyable, challenging, and definitely gets results. That’s why we are all here, right? The secret to this whole process of change is to learn, challenge yourself with achievable goals, assess your progress, and grow.

Remember the Nimble mantra: “Movement is an opportunity for profound transformation and self-discovery. The journey it offers is unique to each individual.”