by Charleene O’Connor

Lets talk about love!

Whenever we feel stuck in life, it’s because we choose to let fear control us instead of love. Whenever there is love, there is a path to get unstuck and find your true way again.

What do you love to do? When you choose to do what you love, you express yourself fully and become centered within your soul. And when you allow love in, that sense of abundance will move into your body and soul. 

When we are our truest selves, our souls are in a place that is filled with support, abundance, and fulfillment. And we experience it on a deep emotional and physical level.

Today I encourage you to find some time, even if its 10min, to do what you love.  Enjoy every moment and breathe it all in. If you cannot actually do it, then visualize it! Visualize the sense of deep fulfillment you get from doing what you love. 

Focus on what you love instead of all the little things that bother you. You can dissolve all boundaries if you start with love. Give thanks for the ones you love. Our truest purpose is to share love and be loved.

 “When you are feeling helpless, help someone” 

– Nobel Peace prize winner Auyn San Su Ki