Here are my notes for the day…

6:00 am
My first “juice” (a blend of apple juice and about 3 tablespoons of the Blessed Herbs powder) went down without a hitch. It sort of tastes like talcum powder mixed with apple juice – yum!  I don’t feel hungry but my energy is noticeably low.

10:00 am
Second juice …ugh. My energy is fine but my stomach is letting me know that I should be near a bathroom. I feel something happening.

11:30 am
Whoa, now I really have to go!

11:45 am
Hellooo …the cleansing process has officially begun. That was a bit traumatizing.

3:00 pm
I have managed to clean out my bowels 3 more times today. Who knew I was so full of sh… well, I mean, considering I’m on an empty stomach!  I just want to clarify that this stuff is not diarrhea.  This crap (literally – Ha Ha) is long and rubbery and leaves a light brown blob floating at the top of the bowl. (Let me remind you that this is a blog on cleansing and not politics)!  I have had to pee a lot too.  Note: This could be particularly annoying if you’re not near a bathroom all day. Lucky for me, I am.

5:00 pm
My energy was zapped for about 2 hours in the late afternoon so I took a nap and now I feel better.  I have a mild headache. My body also feels a bit sluggish and slow – as if its trying to conserve energy.  I wouldn’t say I’m disoriented but it takes me an extra minute to get my thoughts together.

9:00 pm
Ugh, I want to eat everything I see. Why does television have soooo many food commercials?  I’m irritable and hungry but not starving.  I peed about 20 more times and pooped a total of 6 times today.  There is definitely a cleansing happening here.

Only 4 more days to go…

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