by Daniel Lucas

As a trainer, I have seen, time and time again, how valuable having a goal can be to your training. A clear goal gives your training program passion and focus. It will also help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. When we achieve something new, something we have never done before, we gain a new inner power and that’s where the magic happens. That magic is self-discovery! It’s about finding out who we really are, and what kind of dedication we can make to our own lives. This energy will carry over to everything else you do in your life.

Try something new! For instance, if you are a person who does not usually run, bike or swim, try planning a trip where you are going to be physical. Challenge yourself to do a big hike, and then train for it! Map out a long walk that you have never done before.  Training for a goal integrates strength, endurance and power into your being. Confidence to be your truest self is the result! Set a goal today and commit to your training program.

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