This month we are going to hit you with some quick, straightforward fit tips:

*INTERVALS : If you have not tried training with intervals give it some dedicated time. You can string 2 or 4 exercises together, in succession and without rest, to change the stress on your body and increase the metabolic effect.

*SUN SALUTATION : Learn it and use it as a warm up, or do it repetitively it as a stand-alone workout that you can do anywhere.

*GET A QUICK ONE IN! : Don’t let time keep you from getting a quick and effective session in. Sometime the quick hits end up being my best workouts of the week. Consistency is the key to results.

*THINK AHEAD! : Maximize the food you’re eating to give you the strength you need in a workout. If you walk in the gym for an intense session and don’t have any energy your performance will suffer. Get those carbohydrates in well before your scheduled workout time.

All these tips are ultimately about making EVERY SECOND COUNT! Train with intensity, educate yourself and become more aware of how your body works.

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