by Daniel Lucas

The journey that occurs in our bodies is completely harmonious with the rhythms of nature.  For me, training and moving is my consistent, flowing link back to our natural selves. Living in New York City, and working at Nimble Fitness in Union Square, means it’s vital for me to remain grounded in nature, even while I’m surrounded by the concrete jungle. Since all of the elements of nature are reflected in us, challenging our own bodies and constitutions in a progressive way affects every other element in our lives.

When we get quiet and connected to our inner selves, it’s an opportunity to allow our intuition, and our sense of what’s actually happening in our bodies and our lives, to bubble to the surface.  Understanding when our own elements are out of balance is extremely important. How can we know when this is happening?  Your deeper intuition will signal you long before there is a major problem, but many of us are not listening because we’re so wrapped up in life itself. Our antennas are not tuned to the right station! If you take a step back from your own life and assess your lifestyle habits, they will tell the tale:  How we eat, sleep, drink, socialize, think and move all take on repetitive patterns that you’ll recognize.

So once you recognize a lifestyle pattern that is slowing you down, or negatively affecting your health, what’s the next step? The unknown! Stepping in to the unknown, or even the uncomfortable, is a transformative experience. It’s a profound opportunity to positively shift your mind, body and your personal perspective on life. So the major question I’d like to pose to you is: what is your unknown?

Is your unknown developing a dedicated meditation practice, so you can experience a deeper connection with self—something that you’ve heard others speak about but you have yet to experience? Is your unknown taking on a training skill that you have never done before? Is it stepping out in social environments that challenge your ability to open up and interact with interesting people that you would like to know? If your unknown is a little scary, then you know you’re heading in the right direction! Whatever your unknown, now is the time to dive in to it.  You just might find something deep within yourself that you never knew existed. The unknown might be your secret step into experiencing what I call “life activations.” It’s a feeling or a belief in yourself that you have never felt before.

At Nimble Fitness, we know that when you begin to practice a well-balanced personal training program that includes intention, meditation, chi energy-building movements and challenging workouts of various styles and intensities, your personal antenna–aka your body–has a heightened ability to listen and experience life. We have all had these intuitive, heightened-sensation moments, but the idea that I’m sharing is that if you can take a dedicated approach to stepping in to the unknown, again and again, your life activations will multiply. This experience is one of the biggest reasons that I found my way into the health and fitness industry.

I believe that every day is opportunity to live better. Being a personal trainer, and a founder of Nimble Fitness in NYC, allows me to share that intention with our awesome clients and everybody in our expanding community.  Step into your Unknown!