Spring! A season of rebirth!  A time to shed, to let go of what is blocking you from radiating your true self and your true power!

Use these 4 tips for a more powerful YOU this spring:

1. Give yourself a spring cleaning!  Ask yourself: What in your life is not serving you anymore this spring?  What do you want to let go of? Now is your moment to release what isn’t serving you.

2. Use the renewing energy of the season to help you achieve long-standing goals. Have you been holding onto dreams and goals all winter? Write down those goals that have been hanging around for a while. You may have been thinking about launching your own business, finally signing up for an online dating site, losing 5 lbs, feeling good in your swimsuit, giving up smoking, changing your eating habits, taking a vacation, or even giving yourself more alone time. Whatever your goal, big or small, this is the perfect time to make it happen!

3. Get excited again! Dance, invite friends over, make plans for a picnic in the park, or take advantage of the many (and often times free) spring events in the city.  Smile! Notice the budding trees, and soak up the sun.  Let the season recharge you and carry you into your best year yet!

4. Ask for help from those you trust. Remember, we all need help, no matter what we want to achieve. Want to feel good in that swimsuit?  Find your personal trainer.  Need emotional support?  Find your counselor or coach. Want to amp up your social life?  Reach out to friends and ask them out! Whatever you want to step into, remember it takes more courage to ask for help. Honor that need and go for it!  You may be surprised how easy all things flow once you ask!

Here at Nimble Fitness, we’ve been planting our seeds for spring.  Now, before our eyes, we are seeing the Nimble community blossom and grow! Join us in our spring season as we continue to launch and fill up exciting new classes and workshops.

Take your bold spring step and inquire about a complimentary session with one of our fantastic trainers.  Walk into our doors with an open mind, and see how far you can go.  We will always greet you with the same positive attitude and happily guide you from that first step into a more radiant, strong, and powerful you!

charlotte-headshot-70x70Charlotte Blake
Personal Trainer
Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Instructor

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