Charlotte Blake

Charlotte Blake

1. Breathe
While breastfeeding, while your baby naps, or perhaps while bathing your baby, take five long and deep breaths. Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale through your mouth for 5 seconds. Each time, inhale a little deeper and exhale more freely. Don’t be afraid to make sounds while exhaling or try fluttering your lips. It’ll feel good!

2. Stretch
Stretching releases stress and rejuvenates the body. Here are three stretch options:

* When sitting with your baby on the floor, straddle your legs and take a moment to reach one arm overhead toward the opposite leg or simply fold your upper body forward toward the floor.
* While standing, rest your right arm on a table or counter with your right hip a few inches away from the table. Reach your left arm overhead and lean to the right. Try to focus on lengthening both sides of your body, focusing on stretching the left side. Repeat on the opposite side.
* Downward facing dog. You know you love it and new moms NEED it. Start on hands and knees, plant your hands and feet into the floor and send your hips up toward the sky. Feel your back body stretching out and releasing tension. If this hurts your wrists too much, be gentle. The hormone, Relaxin is still apparent in a new mom’s body and may still be affecting joints. (New Mom Yogi/Pilates Bonus! End your down-dog with a child’s pose.)

3. Be a lady who lunches
Find a new mom group in your neighborhood so you can be social with other women in your community while indulging in a healthy luncheon out! Not sure how to find a new mom group? Search for the Yahoo Group that caters to new moms in your neighborhood.

4. Nap when your baby naps
Truly allow yourself to do this. If available to you, hire someone to help clean your apartment or house one to three times a week, just for the first few months. With this service, you can focus on getting the sleep YOU need.

5. Go for a walk
We’ve had some lovely blue sky days this winter. Bundle yourself and your sweet baby and venture out! It can be daunting to pack the stroller and diaper bag BUT, we encourage you to take that walk and honor the hour or two you are giving yourself to be in nature and fresh air.

By giving yourself a “New Mom Me Moment” you will be a happier mother and, as a result, your baby will be a happier baby. We hope you incorporate these tips into your life for a more balanced YOU.

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