How often do you find time to work on your creative side? It’s not the easiest thing to do. Our lives are often consumed with day-to-day tasks and results-driven work. Time has become perhaps our most valuable commodity, as workdays become longer and vacation time shrinks. We spend most of our time reacting—to deadlines, demands, emails, texts and other stresses of modern life.

Making space for your creative self to emerge is an essential part of keeping balance and a sense of inner harmony. You’re giving free reign to an important part of who you are—your deeper, subconscious self.  You’re tapping into what’s often called the right brain, that part of you that makes new connections, that knows instead of thinks, that sees the whole picture instead of analyzing the parts. We all have the natural ability to tap into that self, but not many of us have had the experience of doing it on a consistent basis.  It’s a beautifully altered state—creating instead of reacting, free-flowing instead of analyzing.  You’ll discover abilities that you didn’t know you have. And you’ll feel the results of practicing creativity in every area of your life.

There’s really no limits, just self-expression. In essence, there’s no difference between building a chair, riding a wave, knitting a sweater or writing a song. It’s the same process at work. In that process is liberation—an opportunity to be your truest self.  And if you’re being your truest self, make it whatever you want it to be. Don’t self-edit so much, and don’t worry about results.  Enjoy the process! The journey is the reward.