dI often find myself wondering just how energetically connected everything in our universe really is. When thinking about the human body its seems as thought almost everything has some kind of effect on us. Over the years the links between stress, food, emotions and posture, and how they all affect one’s health, have become clear.

The energy produced and shared from each of these separate entities is expressed through our muscular system. Because of this connectedness, our quality of life and overall health can be affected when the stress on any one of these areas is too great for our system to handle. A good example of this is how we can easily feel physically drained, feeling weak and fatigued, after a long and stressful day at the office.  Whether your job demands little activity other than making business calls and sitting at a computer or requires you to lug around a heavy bag loaded with your laptop and anything else your day requires your physical body is being stressed. Let’s not forget the effect of mental stress on our systems.  If we do nothing about it, we eventually develop real physical symptoms in the form of postural imbalances, chronic back pain and even hypertension.

You probably already know of a multitude of common stress factors but there are many you may not think of as stress inducing, for example, food. Food delivers nutrients to our cells, but at the same time depending on its quality and quantity, can leave us feeling bad. Toxins in the foods we eat are stored within our muscles, creating stress throughout our system. The environment we live in is another factor. Toxic air travels through our lungs, into our bloodstream and eventually to our muscles. Emotions, especially ones rooted in deep-seeded thoughts, are another major stress factor. Our emotions carry energy and, when in states of heighten intensity, travel through or should  i say into our body. These negative emotions can easily be rooted in the muscular system, leaving us tense and unhealthy.   Often our body holds itself in a specific posture that represents this emotional holding.

The point here is to get you thinking about how you’re connected to everything and how all those factors are translated through the body. Your muscular system acts like a brain. It stores information. This information will either facilitate your journey to better health or block you from achieving it. Make a conscience decision to look at every aspect of your life when considering your health.  With meditation, movement and nutrition you can release old patterns and find new strength.  Take action and live healthy now. namaste Daniel