By Charlotte Blake

As we have already established, it is almost summer. Immediately we all think sun, margaritas, ocean, beach, vacation….swimsuit?!? The reaction to having to prepare for that swimsuit tends to unfold in five stages:

1. Panic!!!
2. Begin “kick butt regime” of near starvation and insane cardio.
3. Quit “kick butt regime” because working out like crazy sucks.
4. Indulge in all the food and drink you deprived yourself of and gladly embrace sedentary lifestyle.
5. Panic!!! (And repeat.)

Does this vicious cycle sound familiar?

How about we make spring/summer 2011 a new cycle. Sign up for that class you have your eye on, call that personal trainer, or contact that friend you have talked to about teaming up to get in shape.

My main advice:
Stick with the good stuff.

You hate running? Try spinning! You hate spinning? Try a challenging yoga class! Feeling lost in large groups? Schedule some one-on-ones or duet sessions! Feeling lost about diet? Find a support group or a nutritionist!

You might have to ask for help.
If you do not want to ask for help from someone else, ask for help from yourself.
Sit down (which requires finding time for just you) and think about what will really fulfill you, make you excited to be in better shape, and guide you toward your summer goal.

Pace yourself.
Possible pace-worthy mantras:

“Slow and steady, strong and supple, long and strong.”
“When we are patient with ourselves and our bodies, we see the most substantial results.”

None of us have to be unhappy with our bodies this summer.  I see amazing results every day from my clients.  I am inspired by them and constantly in awe.  We all have so much power to change our bodies, increase our energy, and just feel better. And if you are feeling good about your body and your fitness level, it is still always helpful to remind ourselves to keep that steady pace of nourishing movement and healthy nutrition going.

The month is a new one and this season is one of rebirth.
Enjoy Spring’s full potential!

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