Love…Love is action!  It’s a way of being and a way of truly appreciating one another. It comes from our heart and soul. It smiles with an undeniable vibration, one that can be felt on opposite coasts and hemispheres. What actions are you taking to nurture the love you have for yourself and for everyone else in your life?   

Take a step back from your life and assess whether or not you are expressing just how much you love the people that make your life special. It starts with healthy love of self and flows to everyone. If you’re not really taking care of yourself, of the lovewithin you, it may be hard to show your appreciation to others. If your personal energy is too low, others may not receive the love you feel for them. 

Love has many meanings, but at its core it resonates with gratitude—so that maybe the best place to start. Be grateful for all the people you love and the blessings of your life. Share, show or be some love!