Here are notes from my 2nd day of fasting…

I slept pretty good last night; no dreams of 12oz steaks or chocolate milkshakes (although that seems to be on my mind right now). Off to work!

I was feeling good so far until I walked past the diner where I get my usual order of blueberry pancakes with bacon on the side. I’m just kidding – I only order that on occasion. Is it too late to call this off?

Two BIG bowel movements so far. These are darker in color but still floaters and still rubbery. At least I’m getting my fiber…i think. I had a brief moment where I was exhausted but then my energy came back. I even managed 30 min on the stationary bike.


Oh God help me. I walked onto the train home and everyone was eating pizza. The guy next to me, the lady behind me …everything smells like pizza! The worst part is I have to drink one of my juices on this stupid train. “Anyone want to trade?”

What’s up with all the fast-food commercials! Are they trying to make me go insane? I’m agitated and tired of peeing.

How many days do I have left?

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