By Norris Baichan..

Training the physical body is not easy. In an effective training program, you are being constantly challenged to improve. At Nimble Fitness, we recognize that there’s a big difference between exercising, or doing the same thing over and over again, and real training. Training at the right intensity requires your whole system–mind, heart and body.

Let me ask you this: When a training program fails, what’s the cause? Why do some people exercise for hours and hours and never seem to get results? Or, even worse, why do some people step in to a gym once or twice and then never return? The main culprit is not usually the physical work, but rather the mental aspect of training. Like life itself, the effectiveness of any training program lies in the balance. If your program isn’t challenging and progressive enough, you don’t get results and eventually become bored and frustrated. If it’s too challenging and there’s no recovery built in, there’s a different kind of result: injury or giving up.

Training your mind is the first and most important step towards a healthy body! To change your ability level at anything, whether it’s in the gym, on the yoga mat or at the piano, you have to progress one step at a time. So, the first step you should take to exercise is patience. It’s vital to understand that training is a timely process that requires you to commit and stay consistent. There is no magic 2-week program! The next mental exercise is to dream big—because none of us knows what our limits truly are!–but acknowledge that your progress will come in smaller increments.

Finally, prepare yourself mentally to accept and be thankful for the challenges that come with really getting into shape. No, it’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. Like everything else, the biggest challenge in an effective training program is usually getting started! It’s hard at first but if you remain consistent, it becomes as an integral part of your day as having breakfast.

You ultimately hold the power to create change within your own mind. If you want help getting started, however, or just some guidance in your own program, there is a lot of help out there! Contact me at if you have questions or want some tips to make your journey more efficient and safe.