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Day 5 – The final day of my fast.

So here it is, my 5th day without any solid food.  Today is, by far, the best day I have had during this whole experience. I feel amazing.  My head is clear.  cleanse-part-ixI’m alert.  I don’t feel fatigued, slow or sluggish.  I’m not hungry or craving any food.  My body feels great too.  All the little aches and pains I normally notice are gone.  It’s as if I’ve crossed a threshold where I no longer feel like I’m struggling to stay on this cleanse; like I’ve reached Shangri-La! Ok, maybe you think I’m delirious from the lack of food but I’m serious.  It could be the stuff in the powder mix but what I suspect has happened is that my body has somehow adapted and in the process stabilized.  By not having to break down food, my energy levels are nice and steady today.  My bowl movements have gotten pretty small and I’m not peeing as often as before (although still more than normal).  I’m almost in shock how good I feel.  Still though, I will be looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.   I have to remember to keep it light.  The Blessed Herbs manual says to ease back into solid foods and skip meat and dairy for a few days.

Should I go French toast or waffles…mmm?

Make sure you come back for Part X – my last post, where I will summarize
the final results of my cleanse adventure.