It’s been 4 days since I’ve eaten solid food.

Here are my latest notes…

Another good night’s sleep last night.  It is amazing how much the body can rest when there’s no solid food to break down.  Today I feel completely fine.  There’s no hunger, no agitation, and my energy is good.

9:00 am
I just had a pretty big bowl movement; Interesting considering I haven’t eaten in 3 days.  Could this be the residue from 36 years of cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizza and chicken egg foo young?  The Blessed Herbs pamphlet did mentioned that the body would strip the gunk from my intestinal walls around the 4th day.

2:00 pm
My stomach cramped up a few times this afternoon and my stool has become soft – not quite diarrhea but close.  Maybe we’re reaching the ice cream and milk shake layer of my intestinal walls?

6:00 pm
I’ve got to say, I feel pretty damn good.  I’m alert and happy.  I haven’t been thinking about food at all.  My stomach is still gurgling but I haven’t had to run to the bathroom.  When I feel an urge, I go.  It is quick and easy.  (*note:  make sure you have access to a toilet if you decide to attempt this or any other cleanse)

Lucky me, its pot luck dinner on the express train tonight.  “Anyone like a chalky mix of apple juice and this blessed poop powder?”

10:00 pm
I’m tempted to just call this off tonight.  I’m trying to rationalize that I feel fine and there’s not much “stuff” coming out so why bother for another day?  Funny thing is- these thoughts, they only happen at night when I’m not distracted by my busy work day.  I suspect if I were sitting at home doing nothing all day that the mental part of this experience would be more challenging.  Of course, I am not going to quit now.

Only one more day to go – Woo Hoo!

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