The Nimble team is taking charge of a vital aspect of nutrition that few people talk about: chewing your food!

Let’s face it; most of us, especially in New York City, eat our meals much too quickly. As soon as our food is put in front of us, we can’t help but shovel it into our stomachs as fast as possible. Nimble is taking a stand against this societal habit and asking you to slow down and chew your food. Make a conscious effort to chew properly and eat much slower. This is vital for preparing those life-supporting nutrients and enzymes to enter your digestive tract so they can do their job.

Simply put; chewing your food 20-30 times per mouthful will make a huge difference in the way you digest your meals and how your body processes that food. Your body will repay you in several ways, including:

1) People who chew more consume 80 less calories per meal. 80 calories may not seem like much but it adds up. You could potentially reduce your total weekly calorie intake by over 1600 calories, just by chewing more!

2) Chewing your food activates the salivary glands, which in turn speeds up the digestion process. This makes it easier to convert food into energy and also prevents you from feeling too full.

3) Overeating is a big problem. Chewing gives your body time to feel satisfied and allows it to recognize when you have had enough.

Convinced yet? Try chewing 20 times per mouthful at your next meal and see how you feel. Being mindful while eating allows you to truly enjoy the process of eating! Each bite is a gift, so treasure it. Chew baby chew!