In the Nimble Guide to Feeling Great in last month’s newsletter, I discussed having a dialogue with your soul, which can be a liberating and life-changing experience. (review here) Receiving information from the soul can take many forms, from unconditional love, to God, to universal energy. To be able to speak effectively to your soul, however, it is necessary to first quiet your mind. This takes some practice, but there are many movements and breath techniques that tap in to your body’s natural ability to relax. For example, check out the Zen Swing—it is a relaxing, natural way to calm your system and rebuild your chi, your natural life energy.

Keys to the Zen Swing:

1. Keep a long spine.

2. Use your hip as a hinge. (i.e.-don’t tuck your butt under and roll your lower spine.)

3. Let your arms completely relax as they swing side to side.

4. Keep your eyes forward.

5. *Find a smooth and even breathing pattern. Inhale as your arms go up and exhale as your arms go down.

6. If your spine doesn’t feel like its moving freely, relax, breath and release the tension with the movement.

7. Go for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes.

A little practice will go a long way-enjoy!

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