Muscle Vs. Fat Myths

by Antonio Sini … Myth: A pound of muscle looks the same as a pound of fat. Truth: Not true! Muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue. That means that, pound for pound, fat takes up more space in your body. So, as your body composition changes from more fat to greater muscle mass, you […]

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Re-charge Your Body

Today, I’d like to talk briefly about the subtle art of re-charging.  Its easy, especially in New York City, to adopt a kind of “crash & burn” mentality about work – you just push yourself during the week, and collapse and recover on the weekends. Your body system gets into a kind of rhythm with […]

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Recharge with Nature

Whenever I mention the Laws of Nature, people assume I want to talk about physics or actual laws. (I bet you didn’t know that in Alaska it is illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose?) All joking aside, what I’m actually trying to convey is simply that the natural energy of the earth, the […]

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