It’s Wednesday, November 4, and Nimble Fitness is shifting in to a new level of being, one that elevates the size of our space, our services, and our potential to offer more to our community. We just signed the lease for our new studio space, located street level on east 12th between University and Broadway in New York City. Our current home has served us well, but now its time for us to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. This move is about more than our growth, however. We’re moving with the intention of changing the planet with the change in ourselves.

In many ways, our new studio has already been created, even though it is still under construction. Life has presented this opportunity to us, and many amazing people in our lives have rallied around us to help make it happen. Being fit is much more than just moving around- in essence, it’s an exploration of body, mind and soul. Work out with an intention of love for your body-mind-soul, and amazing things happen.

Join us in this new journey of self-exploration and personal development. We welcome you to be a part of our amazing community and invite you to visit the new space.


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