mika-de-rooBraking the Cycle (BTC) is an annual AIDS bicycle ride in support of the HIV/AIDS services of the Manhattan LGBT Community Center. For 2009 BTC will span three days (Sept. 11-13) and 275 miles – from Boston to NYC.

Since 2003, BTC has delivered $1.8 million to fund the HIV/AIDS services of the LGBT Center.

Our friend, Mika De Roo (right), rode all 275 miles of BTC 2008, from Gettysburg to New York; she had never completed a bike ride of more than 85 miles prior to that summer. She also raised nearly $12,500 from over 140 individuals.

To help Mika meet her 2009 fundraising goal of $10,000, click here.

For more info about Braking the Cycle, go to www.brakingthecycle.org.

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