77d6f7a8-a29c-4f1a-b0e6-ce83aecacfd3One of the most prominent health and fitness trends for the new year is small group training. Classes have long been the domain of the chain gyms, but more and more personal training studios have begun to offer their clients a different group fitness experience.

What is small group training, you might ask? And how is it different than a class? Well + Good editor Lisa Held begins by saying, “What are they? Well, for one, small group classes are not just small. They’re tiny.” So, instead of the usual packed gym class of 30-40 sweating bodies, think 5-6 people max. There’s much more individualized instruction…and accountability. As Held points out “…there’s definitely nowhere to hide when the training gets tough.”

Jason Pulido of Nimble Fitness, who’s new location in the East Village (at 6 St. Marks Place) will offer a full spectrum of small group training, says that “Small Group Training bridges the gap between personal training and classes. You’ll get personal attention and instruction, plus a much more progressive program than you would in a large class.” So think of small group training as covering the three A’s : Personalized Attention, Accountability, and Actual Progress.

Finally, SGT has a nice price point for those who find personal training to be
a little steep–small group training courses will typically run around $40-50 per. If you have further questions or want to try a small group training course, you can get in touch with Jason at jason@www.nimblefitness.com, or call Nimble at 212.633.9030.