NF:You’ve been a trainer at Nimble Fitness for 6 years. What’s your experience been like?

IK: Nimble has been nothing short of great. My usual workday starts bright and early; the environment at Nimble keeps me looking forward to coming in to work every day. What I value the most, from a work perspective, is the actual team mentality Nimble offers their trainers. Other gyms make the environment very competitive, which always leads to trainers having to feel defensive and on guard. There is absolutely ZERO of that at Nimble! Every client has the ability work with one or multiple trainers, which gets the trainers working together and gives the clients a training edge. I really feel that the clients can see how well we all work with each other.


NF: How has your training evolved in that time period?

IK: I’ve been at other gyms that just left me alone to do what I do, and that approach lead to my training being pretty narrow; it limited the type of clients I could train effectively. Coming from a full-contact, high-intensity sport background, it was always hit the ground running, go hard or go home from day one. Obviously, not everyone can handle that. What Nimble has done for my training has been fantastic. While still letting me do what I do, Daniel and Keith taught me how to re-love the basics of conditioning, and, in fact, how the basics can actually be pretty challenging. That has transformed my entire approach to clients and has allowed me to have the longest running client relationships I’ve ever had.

NF: You’re competing in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments now–how’s your prep going for the next competition?

IK: The next one is going to be a little more of a challenge! It’s the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Foundation PRO tournament. I’m dropping down to a lower weight class for this one, so my pre-workout routine and eating schedule is very strict. Entering into my mid 30’s, every work out leaves me with new aches and pains, tweaks and kinks. Intense foam rolling before and after every session is a must, or I’m just asking for something in my body to give out. Muscle activation exercises are also a must. The prep is what allows me to keep getting on the mat day after day. So many fighters my age go in without the prep and are constantly uncomfortable and dealing with injury! As your body changes, your routine has to change with it. As for my competition nutrition, it’s as basic as it gets. Lean meat and veggies. Period! No cheat meals, no booze. At the moment I’m eating more for fuel than enjoyment. I’m in the midst of a 20-pound weight cut and it’s going to be close, but I’m doing it the right way and I’m pretty sure I’m going to make it. The competition is happening Saturday, July 14th, at Nat Holman Gym (CCNY) at 160 Convent Ave. If you’re interested, this is one to check out, there will a lot of top-level fighters at this one!