There are many books on happiness and how to be happier in our lives. They often speak of living with purpose and to regularly do things we enjoy. They almost all also mention how giving helps cultivate happiness. It can be even the smallest gesture, like a smile or a pat on the back that can change someone’s day or outlook on life.

Giving comes in all shapes and sizes. When I think of giving, I like to start with the people closest to me and work my way out. I never want people that mean the world to me to ever think that I’m not right with them on this journey of life. This mostly comes in the form of energy, communication and the simple pleasures in life since they are closest to me. But it also reaches further with family members or friends that need more support in other ways during challenging times in their life. Then we shift in to the next level of giving which reaches the communities or people in need. In Nimble we have donated to and supported more than 10 charities over our thirteen years in business. We give with our bodies by running the New York City Marathon and raising money. We give with our knowledge by sharing important lifestyle habits and information with teenagers. We make charitable donations and also donate personal training sessions to local organizations for auctions. With all the giving we have done, I often ask, how can we do more? Every year our mission is to give more. Whether we donate money, run a marathon to raise money or give our time, it’s about helping others. It’s not the amount we raise or what we ultimately give but the feeling of doing something positive for the world that moves us the most. Whether it’s helping WITNESS to raise awareness about human rights abuse around the world, helping the homeless get BACK ON THEIR FEET, assisting inner city children live their DREAM or any of the other amazing causes Nimble has supported, it always feels good! Giving simply feels good.

This holiday season let’s all take a moment to step back and ask, who, how, where and why we want to give this holiday season.

It’s not what we give but how we give it. Where the giving comes from.

Remember, if you are on the receiving end of someone’s giving it important to allow the giving to happen and receive it with appreciation.

Just a few of my thoughts on giving.