by Daniel Lucas

Are you a person that’s always focused on what did not get done, or which things are not good enough? It’s easy to forget to celebrate the victories that come with daily challenges as well. For instance, when you’re re-committing to a health and fitness program, you’re saying “I’m ready to change.” You are saying to yourself: “It’s important to take care of my body, mind and spirit.” Celebrate that!

Celebrating the NYC Marathon

At the beginning of any journey, it’s the little wins that will propel you on the path to success. So you just finished your goal for water consumption today? Great! That’s a big deal and should be celebrated. Maybe you went shopping for fresh produce at the farmers market for the first time? Celebrate it! A little YES in your mind (maybe with a little fist pump?) can be a powerful thing. Or just a smile of recognition that you are actually proud of yourself.

It’s OK! I know this sounds silly, but lighten up and you might even have some fun with your journey to health. This is your life, your body and your joy to be cultivated and nurtured. Life is all about developing great relationships, and the most important one is your relationship with YOU! Celebrate your next small victory and share it with a friend, they might just be inspired.