I’ve heard this line so many times…and when I hear it, I understand that you may actually have a million things to do. Well, join the club! What I’m also hearing when someone says, “I’m too busy!” – is that work and going out with friends is more important than your health. More important, that is, until you get sick! I probably don’t have to sell you on this idea: when you’re down for the count, nothing matters more than feeling good.

im-too-busyIt might be time to shift your intention! What if, instead of saying “I’m too busy to go looking for healthy food so I’ll eat what’s convenient.” you said, “I’m going to use nutritious food to give me better energy and get me through this busy day?” You think you’re too busy, when the reality is you’re stealing energy from yourself. When you’re really working hard, that is the best time to be dialed in to the essentials: being hydrated, eating nutritiously and fitting in some movement that will take you back into better posture.

That healthy movement can be as little as 30 seconds or a minute, anything that opens up your posture after sitting or doing something repetitive. It could be one functional exercise, a stretch, a tai chi movement or anything that releases stress from your system and adds chi (inner energy).

So, if you really want to make time and be successful in your busy life, stop using that old line of crap! You’re not too busy to stay healthy–shift your intention. Spend even a little bit of time creating new habits, segmenting your time and giving back to yourself, and that will open many healthy, joyful hours on the back end.

The gift of energy creates more time to live with joy.


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