by Victor Jackson

Sometimes we all take on more than we can chew. We want to make everyone around us happy and get as much done as possible. We say ‘yes’ to things that others don’t want to do. And while doing all of these extra tasks, we are just pushing through and not making time for ourselves, even when that’s the one thing we need. And then we quickly realize if we don’t make time for ourselves, and set a schedule where ‘me’ time is involved, then no one else will schedule it for us.

Over this past summer I said ‘yes’ to too many external things, not realizing that I was also saying ‘no’ to time for myself and my own rest and recovery. Eventually my body and mind just shut down and I just couldn’t respond to anything or anyone. It forced me to take break, relax and reconsider my choices.

As a health practitioner and coach people come to me for help everyday. I also realized there are a lot of other people out there that are available in different fields to help me. All I had to do is ask! And as much as I knew that I still felt like I could handle everything, one thing I learned is that I’m not superman—nobody is! It’s OK to ask for help and not be afraid. Just by talking about certain situations, you realize other underlying situations that maybe need a little closure and are subconsciously on your mind. When you just talk about those situations out loud, then they become real and you are able to take that next step.  So don’t try and take on the world by yourself. Understand that you are important, your rest is important, time to yourself is important, and if you don’t take that time then the world might just pass you by!